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Illubabur Coffee

Illubabor Coffee

The name Illubabor is said to come from two Oromo words, “Illu” and “Abba Bor(a)”. “Illu” is a name of a clan, and “Abba Bor” was the horse name of Chali Shone, who founded the ruling family of the area when it was conquered by Shewa; hence IlluAbabor means the Illu belonging to Ababor(a).
The illubabor  Zone of Oromia state, southwestern Ethiopia, is home to vast and nearly undisturbed areas of moist evergreen forest. We work closely with small-holder coffee farmers who are the source of our single-origin coffee and have strong integration with the small-scale coffee farmers so as to access specialty coffee with high quality. We regularly monitor the processing and washing of coffee cherries.
Around 2500 – 3000 Coffee Plants per Hectare for small-hold farmers with a potential to collect 3-5 million Kg coffees per year specialty and commercial coffee