Limu Coffee

Is a high-quality wet-processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee that exhibits a relatively low acidity yet is somewhat sharp. Get a well-balanced body (mouthfeel) and noticeably pleasant, sweet, and vibrant taste with floral overtones from Limu coffee.

Sidama Coffee

It is a phrase associated with spices and citrus notes, crisp acidity, and a rich body. Along with Harrar and Yirgacheffe, Sidama is one of Ethiopia’s three trademarked coffee regions. It is also the source of most of the country’s grade one and grade two beans, which are its two highest quality rankings. Buy Sidama […]

Harrar Coffee

This coffee is generally highly rated and known for its winey and fruity, floral-toned acidity, bright in the cup, even intense and tasting notes describe it with a rich and pungent, heady aroma that is wonderfully reminiscent of blackberries. Our company can make available for you a good Harrar coffee that is bold and edgy […]

Yirgacheffe Coffee

We can also provide you with Yirgacheffe coffee, which tends to be light or medium-bodied and has strong floral notes. Along with floral and citrus flavors, expect to taste berries, nuts, chocolate, and wine.

Lekemti Coffee

Our company specializes in Lekemti coffee, which is a sun-derived natural bean produced in the western region of Ethiopia. This coffee is known for its large bean size (magical body) and the flavor can have a pronounced perfume-like after taste. Get a mind-blowingly clean and naturally processed coffee! You will love each sip of the […]

Green Mung Bean

green mung

They are new and emerging crops in Ethiopia with good results. It has been said that green mung beans grown in Ethiopia have good quality and they are highly demanded in the international market. Purity: 98% min Moisture: 5% max Admixture: 2% max Damaged & shriveled beans: 1% max Fumigated prior to shipment and fit […]

Whitish Sesame Seed – Wollega Type

This type of sesame is also suitable for the bakery market. Purity: 98.5% min Moisture: 10% max Oil content: 50% min FFA: 2% max Impurities: not to exceed 3% Admixture: 1.5% max Acidity: not to be excessive Free from any live and dead weevils Well cleaned and fit for human consumption

Whitish Sesame Seed – Humera Type

The Humera variety is appreciated word wide for its aroma and sweet taste. It is suitable for various bakery products. Purity: 99% min Moisture: 7% max Oil content: 52% min Min Discolor Seeds: FFA: 1.5% max Free from any live and dead weevils Well cleaned and fit for human consumption

Oil Seeds -Sesame Seed

While it has the potential to grow in different parts of the country, sesame grows mainly in the northern and northeastern regions of Ethiopia.